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UNSC/Human Vehicles

M12 Warthog LRV  (Light Recon Vehicle)


Crew: Driver + Passenger + Gunner
Weight: 3.25 Tons
Armament: 12.7mm three-barreled Gatling gun  (M41 LAAG) Light Anti-Aircraft Gun
      The M12 light reconnaissance vehicle (LRV), or Warthog, is the standard vehicle of the UEG armed forces. It is fast and maneuverable, but prone to rollovers during hard cornering. A three-barreled M41 machine-gun is mounted in the rear of the vehicle. Armed passengers will significantly increase the unit's anti-infantry capacity.

      There are several variants of the standard model including a stripped-down variant with extended passenger capacity, a variant that replaces the normal all-terrain wheels with tracks for traveling over snow and ice, one with a mounted gauss cannon instead of the M41, two versions with two different classes of rocket launchers replacing the M41, and a variant which replaces the M41 with an Ardent V missile rack. There is also an unarmed civilian model simply called the "Hog" which is available to civilians in varying color schemes.

      The M12 and all of it's variants are issued with a variety of features, including four-wheel drive, independent suspension on all wheels, emergency brakes, radio, radar, flood lights, a winch, and transmission which is available in automatic or manual. It is powered by a foward-housed low-profile hydrogen I/C plant. The hydrogen fuel is burned at very high temperature with a synthetic carbon/silicon catalyst to achieve even better fuel consumption.


From left to right ; Troop Carrier, Civilian Hog, GAUSS Warthog, Snow Hog, Jungle Hog

M808B Scorpion MBT  (Main Battle Tank)


Crew: 2 Marines or 1 M.C.
Weight: 66 Tons
Primary Gun: 90mm HVS (High Velocity Shell) Anti-Vehicular
Secondary Gun: 7.62mm AP-T (Armor Piercing Tracer) Anti-Personal   
      The Scorpion Main Battle Tank is primarily an anti-vehicle weapons platform, but it also has very high anti-infantry capabilities. Its ceramic-titanium armor makes it nearly invulnerable to small arms fire, but its deep dead-zone, or the area within which fire from the tank's guns cannot hit targets, puts it at risk from enemy anti-tank infantry.

      Up to four soldiers may ride on (and fire from) the Scorpion's track pods. Riding on a tank is always hazardous and should be done only when the advantages outweigh the risks.

      The Scorpion MBT's four track pods operate independently, and have their own range of movement. This helps considerably when crossing uneven terrain, and can even clear most large obstacles.

UNSC D77-TC "Pelican Dropship" (Troop Carrier)


Crew: Pilot + Co-Pilot  (Optional rear Gunner & Flight Engineer)
Weight: 78 Tons
Payload / Cargo: Max 10 Troops; 1 Warthog or Scorpion or 6 Weapon/Ammo Canisters
Armament: 70mm Chin gun;  Optional 30 Cal. rear turret & under wing mounted 102mm Rockets Pods
      The standard method of deploying troops from orbit to ground is the D77-TC "Pelican" Troop Carrier. The Pelican has a capacity of three crew (pilot, copilot, and flight engineer) and 10 passengers in it's rear bay (though it n accommodate five additional standing passengers in a crisis). It is equipped with electronic systems hardened against EMP; heavy armor; a 70mm "chin gun" controlled by a gunner and an IHADSS (Integrated Helmet and Display Sight System-essentially, wherever the gunner looks, the chin gun follows); rocket pods; jamming and detection gear; an onboard weapons locker (which can hold weapons and ammo for up to 30 troops); and computerized mapping gear.

UNSC C709  Longsword Interceptor  (Heavy Bomber / Star-Fighter)


Crew: Pilot + Co-Pilot + 2 Flight Crew
Weight: 95 Tons
Armament: 110mm Rotary Cannons; Optional ASGM-10 Missles, Mines, Bombs, Shiva nuclear-tipped missles
      The Longsword interceptor is the workhorse of the UNSC Navy. It's main weapon are 110mm rotary cannons for dog fighting in space. This versatile fighter can be armed with an assortment of secondary weapons including mines, ASGM-10 missiles, bombs, and even Shiva nuclear-tipped missiles.

Mongoose  (ATV)


Crew: Driver
      The Marine's speediest vehicle is the Mongoose All-Terrain Vehicle. Essentially four wheels and an engine, this ATV can travel very fast over nearly all types of terrain. With no weapons on board, the drive must use his own weapons for defense, though this means taking one hand away from the vehicle's already precarious controls.

Covenant/Alien Vehicles

GHOST  (Recon / Assault Vehicle)  Anti-Infantry



Crew: 1 Elite or M.C. / Human
Weight: 2.25 Tons
Propulsion: Boosted Gravity Propulsion Drive / Speed Boost Capability
Armament: Dual Plasma Cannons
      The Ghost is the Covenant's standard reconnaissance and rapid attack vehicle. It is equipped with two of what are now accepted as the standard light vehicle mounted weapons: a directed energy weapon capable of projecting a bolt of super-heated plasma in the 100-250 kW range.

      The Ghost has the capability to both hover and strafe using anti-gravity pods, making it very agile over any terrain, including ice. While the vehicle is fast and maneuverable, it's open design leaves the driver virtually unprotected.

      The Ghost also has an overdrive that causes the engine to flare and give a dramatic boost in speed. While boosting, the Ghost becomes difficult to manuever, and cannot fire it's weapons as all the power is dumped to the engines.

Banshee  (Aerial Assault Fighter / Light Bomber)


Crew: 1 Pilot
Weight: 3.25 Tons
Propulsion: Boosted Gravity Propulsion Drive / Speed Boost Capability
Primary Armament: 2 nose mounted Plasma Cannons
Secondary Weapon: Fuel Rod Cannon
      The Banshee is the Covenant's standard ground assault aircraft. It is very fast, extremely maneuverable and capable of hovering. It has two weapon pods mounted to either side of the fuselage. Each of these pods contains a light plasma cannon and a fuel rod cannon. Though small arms fire may disrupt or disable the pilot, only heavy weapons are capable of inflicting enough damage to destroy the vehicle.

      The Banshee is propelled by small anti-gravity pods attached to its wings. These pods create the field that keeps it flying, and make wailing sounds as the craft maneuvers, thus the name "Banshee".

      The Banshee's engines can be pushed to provide an excellent boost in speed, but at the cost of manueverability and weapon power.

WRAITH  (Mortar Tank)


Crew: 1 Elite or M.C. / Human
Weight: 45 Tons
Propulsion: Boosted Gravity Propulsion Drive / Rechargable Speed Burst Capability
Armament: High Power Plasma Mortar Cannon; Optional Dual Sentry Plasma Cannons
      The Wraith mortar tank is the Covenant's main assault vehicle for ground engagements. It fires very large blots of plasma encased in a magnetic field up into the air. These bolts then rain down on enemy troops with tremendous force. Because the Wraith fires in an arc, rather than line-of-sight, this vehicle's attacks are very dangerous. The mortar can bypass most defenses that its enemies have established. It is equipped with anti-gravity plates underneath its mainframe allowing it to hover over any anti-vehicle mines that have been placed in its way. The pilot is protected from all small-arms fire and the vehicle can only be incapacitated by heavy weapons or artillery.

      The Wraith's engines can be pushed to provide an excellent boost in speed, but at the cost of manueverability and weapon power.

Spectre  ( Recon / Light Armored Transport)


Crew: Driver + Gunner + 2 additional Troops
Propulsion: Boosted Gravity Propulsion Drive
Armament: Rapid Fire Plasma Cannon Turret
      This multi-troop armored transport is small and highly manueverable and while slow, can easily move while in confined spaces. Its main weaknesses are slow acceleration and speed, and that occupants are fairly exposed. The rear-mounted plasma cannon is dangerous, and gives multiple firing positions.

Phantom  (Covenant Dropship)


Crew: Pilot + Co-Pilot
Payload / Cargo: 14 Passengers; 1 Wraith or Spectre or 2 Ghosts
Armament: 3 Plasma Cannon Turrets
      The Covenant Phantom is a much more formidable dropship than the previous interations. It boasts several plasma gun turrets, and can literally drop its occupants to the ground without having to fully land with a miniature gravity lift. It also ferries vehicles such as the Wraith and Spectre to their intended dropzones.

Shadow  (Covenant APC)  Armored Personnel Carrier


Crew: Driver + Gunner
Payload / Cargo: 8 Troops or 1 Ghost
Armament: Shade Plasma Cannon
      The Shadow is the Covenant's main troop transport for ground operations. It can hold a driver, gunner, and up to eight occupants depending on species of Covenant. Seems to be outfitted to carry Elites, Brutes, Grunts, and Jackals. Equipped with plasma cannon, but main purpose is to deploy infantry.

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