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ATZ Oath of Allegiance
For within the Union of the ATZ we shall never leave a fallen comrade behind. We will fight in combat with determination and might. We shall establish communications and perform our tasks with teamwork and special tactics. We are the proud, the elite, the soldiers of the ATZ. 
Deploy Destroy Assault Team Zulu out
ATZ Codes
Code 1: RESPECT & TRUST your teammates
Code 2: Have & use Common sense
Code 3: Teamwork is essential 
Code 4: Listen to superior players who have more experience and tactics.
Code 5: Cover your teammates
Code 6: Try to stay with at least one teammate;
never travel alone.
Code 7: Know your territory / locations, weapons, vehicles and power ups of each map.
Code 8: Take games seriously (especially Clan matches) unless were playing unranked games. You can still have fun though. 
Code 9: Try to think before you go through with a plan or a task.
Code 10: Use your weapons and Ammo wisely.
Code 11: And last of all try not to die.

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